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Marketing services-adhere to market-oriented market philosophy

Marketing expansion is not only our goal, but also our driving force. Reputable Xingda companies strive to implement effective marketing and develop marketing networks, establish a comprehensive dealer service system, provide perfect after-sales service, and enable products that carry our dreams and sweat Reach every corner of the country and the world, and let our customers share our results together.
Continuous forward-looking marketing strategies, seeking common prosperity with partners, and creating a four-in-one dealer service system.
Shengyu Xingda Aluminum profiles Co., ltd

Phone: 0758-3855068
Fax: 0758-3855720
QQ: 457193325
Email: alvinxu@126.com
Address: No. 16 Nanjiang Avenue, Nanjiang Industrial Park, Sihui City, Guangdong Province
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